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About Charter Schools : Overview

What are Charter Schools?

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools with unparalleled innovation and flexibility. By forming a strong partnership among parents, students and teachers, charter schools are able to create an environment that’s specially tailored for the students who go there. An environment where:

Parents are encouraged to be involved
Teachers have the freedom to innovate
Students have the chance to learn
All three are held accountable for improving student achievement

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Why Charter Schools?

What’s so great about charter schools? Quite a lot. Here’s just a glimpse.

At charter schools:

Parents can take an active role in their child’s education
Teachers can try new ways to improve student achievement
Everyone enjoys reduced bureaucracy and greater flexibility
The environment is safe, structured and challenging
Successful new teaching models developed here can then be shared with the entire public school system

All in all, it’s a creative, progressive, incredibly high-quality education.
Need proof?

Recent studies have shown that charter schools are performing as well, and in many cases better, than the broader public school system
A 2005 student achievement analysis found that California’s charter schools are outperforming in middle and high schools
EdSource, a respected, non-partisan education research organization, recently found that charter schools are more likely to meet their academic achievement goals than non-charters

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