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"Our mission is to increase student achievement by supporting and expanding California's quality public school movement."

The Association : Overview

Who are we?

The California Charter Schools Association (The Association) is the membership and professional organization serving charter public schools in California. In other words, we are the backbone, the support system that gives charter teachers, parents and students the help they need to create an educational environment like no other.

What do we do?

As the ultimate cheerleader for this movement, we do everything in our power to ensure each of our schools is constantly improving and our students are achieving greater success.


We believe

We know that charter public schools in California can and will make a difference. But first there must be a plan, a commitment to standards that demonstrate the quality and accountability of our schools. Together with our members we set those standards.

We advocate

Everyday, we aggressively advocate for increased flexibility and funding for all our schools, as well as communicate the strength and potential of charter education to the broader community.

We strengthen

Strong leaders make strong schools. Which is why we focus on leadership development and accountability. It’s not enough for us to help create another public school; we want to create the ultimate public school.

We support

We offer an array of products, services, expertise and financing tools to strengthen our member schools and allow them to focus on what matters most: educating students.

What is our goal?

Currently, three percent of students in California are enrolled in a charter public school. Our vision is that by 2014, more than 10 percent of California public school students, that’s over 670,000 students, will be attending high-quality charter schools. Yes, it’s a lofty goal but if anyone can do it, we can.

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