CMYK, RGB, Hexadecimal & PMS Color Palette

Our chosen color palette for use in online and in print.

Our Color Palette

Similar to our school name and icon, the color palette
provides a powerful means of visual recognition. GO Public
Schools has carefully chosen its color palette to
convey energy and to promote brand recognition.

CMYK colors should be used when creating pieces
that are intended to be printed professionally (offset) in 4-color
or pirnting internally on a color printer.

RGB colors should be used for html emails, powerpoints
and multimedia use that is solely for online purposes.

Hexadecimal colors should be used for websites and situations
where html code colors are needed.

PMS Spot colors are used for imprint printing. This palette
is more primary due to the fact that verdors often have a more
primary or limited color supply. These PMS colors may at times
have to be used as guidelines. For example: A vendor may only
have an option of 2 or 3 blue colors, so this PMS will guide them to
the closest match.